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Exploitatiemaatschappij Bunkerrama B.V.

Bunker station with a fixed berth in Rotterdam.

The bunker station in Rotterdam is one of the largest and most modern of its kind in the Netherlands. The storage capacity for inland vessels is 800 tons for gasoil and 30 tons for lubricating oil. The bunker station is fully dedicated to inland shipping. In addition to fuel, lubricating oil and grease, Bunkerrama B.V. supplies everything a captain of an inland vessel may need on board.

The extensive service for inland shipping goes even further with a facility for drinking water and the bunker station is equipped with a crane to lift heavy parts or materials on or off vessels. The bunker station excels in versatility and in offering a wide range of products and services for inland shipping.

A broad assortment for inland shipping.

We have a large collection of nautical equipment, safety equipment, working clothes, ropes, steel wires, gaskets, cleaning products for indoor and outdoor use, paint and paint supplies.

We also supply filters for marine engines. Exploitatiemaatschappij Bunkerrama B.V. is able to deliver anything that has something to do with inland shipping.

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