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We are proud of the company we built and what it has become; a solid company that is able to handle all aspects of national and international shipping.


Improving our skills and fleet renewal is a permanent point of attention. This enables us to provide effective services and guarantee the best service for our customers.


Located in Rotterdam, the world’s most leading port. We keep a close eye on the developments from our employees, our assets and our customer base.


Our best assets are the customers. Feedback from our customers is essential. We shall always use the obtained feedback to ensure constant improvement on all fronts.

About Atlantic Horizon B.V.

Atlantic Horizon B.V. was founded in 1966. Due to the diversity of the companies, each company was located at various locations throughout Rotterdam. All companies have been brought together in the Madroelhaven, located in Pernis, in 2002. This location has its own harbour with jetties, loading and unloading facilities for lubricating oil for both inland bunker barges and tank trucks for bulk deliveries and for trucks supplying and delivering lubricating oil barrels. The location has a storage capacity for the storage of lubricating oil barrels as well.

Atlantic Horizon B.V. is ISO certified for inland barge transport of mineral oil products, fleet management of inland tank barges, warehousing, loading & unloading and road transport of packaged and unpackaged lubricating oil products.

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Holder of the ISO 9001: 2015 certificate.


Tarwezand 2, 3195 KS, Pernis-Rotterdam

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+31 10 231 44 70

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